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Ruth was apprehensive when she met Peter, an older man she had met online. Their chat had been wonderfully flirty, but she didn't quite know how it would feel to be with him. When he asked to go to his hotel, a thrill coursed through her, and she knew she had to go. When they arrived, it was almost as if Peter had a sixth sense for what Ruth wanted. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Ruth felt her pussy throb as Peter explored her body. She quivered as she felt his fingers enter her and prepare her for what was to come. When Peter at last entered her, she cried out in pleasure. His cock filled her up, pushing her towards a heavenly orgasm. As he fucked her, she grasped his shoulders tightly and moaned with pure delight. With each thrust, she felt herself drawn closer and closer to a beautiful climax. Ruth had never felt as satisfied as she did when Peter finally finished. She lay in his arms, her pussy still trembling as she recalled what they had just done. She knew that this was just the beginning of her journey with Peter.

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