a mature woman in stockings riding a big dick

Liz was a mature woman of a certain age, so she didn't get out much unless it was absolutely necessary. But when she did, she made it her business to be noticed and she had the perfect accessory - black, sheer stockings that complemented her curves beautifully. She was looking for something different tonight, so she decided to get on someone else's back - literally. He was a handsome brute of a man, with a deep voice, and a cock that looked like it could fill her up in every way imaginable. She made sure to brush her fingers against her stockings on her way up, her naughtiness bubbling away as she got mounted on his big dick, ready to be taken every which way. She wanted to experience the feeling of being overpowered, all the while knowing she was in control. Her stockings felt extra silky against her skin as the ride went on and on, the pleasure gradually burning hotter and hotter until she was on the brink of exploding. Her head spun with pleasure, and she held on tightly as the force of his cock was too much to take. Nothing had ever felt this good before, and Liz felt so alive.

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