an asian hairy mom masturbating and showing her shaved pussy

Sandra was a gorgeous, Asian, hairy mom. She lay in her bed, legs spread, staring down at her own body as her fingers slowly teased her wet pussy. She enjoyed the sensation of each stroke to her clit as she felt her arousal increase. She then decided to take herself to the next level and completely shaved her pussy until it was completely bald. The sensation of her fingers gliding over her smooth skin sent pleasure quivering through her body. She bit her lip in satisfaction as she touched herself, finger slipping inside and rubbing her walls. Moaning, Sandra felt her pleasure grow until her orgasm burst forth like a fountain. Afterwards she got out of bed and admired how smooth and bald her pussy was. She smiled to herself and thought how much her husband was going to enjoy her new look. With a naughty grin, Sandra decided to show him her shaved pussy and give him a night he wouldn't forget.

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