an elderly woman giving cock to a man

Cora was an elderly woman, not as old as some would have guessed. She enjoyed giving gifts to others, especially men. On a beautiful day, she gifted an unknown man with a cock. His eyes widened, as he accepted the unusual present. He was taken aback by her kindness. The man eagerly thanked her, but with the way he looked at her, Cora knew he wanted more. Without a moment of hesitation, she took his hand and pulled him closer. She lead him to her bedroom and eagerly showed him what it felt like to be desired by an elderly woman. The man soon found out that her desires for him went beyond the gift of a cock. She wanted to explore and satisfy herself as well as the man. The man complied, as she sensually put on a show that he'd never forget. It didn't take long for the two of them to reach pure pleasure in each other's arms. The man thanked Cora again and left, still in awe of their passionate encounter. Cora took one last look at him and the gift she had given him one last time, a satisfied smile tugging at her lips.

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