an old couple fucking each other in the bedroom

Sylvia and Wayne had been married for nearly 40 years and were still very much in love. Every night, as soon as the last of their children had gone out, the couple would slip into their bedroom and lock the door behind them. Tonight was no exception, as the elderly lovers stripped off their clothes and climbed into bed. Their wrinkled and saggy skin glistened in the soft light of the room. The atmosphere was electric as they touched each other, exploring each other's bodies, just like they had done on the night they were wed. Closer and closer they moved until Sylvia was on top of Wayne, slowly rocking her hips, craving his every inch. She moaned as he thrust harder and deeper inside her, recalling an unforgettable night they spent together years ago. Gradually the couple's movements became more intense. Cumming together in a hot blaze of pleasure, the old couple still gave each other just as much pleasure as they had all those years ago when they'd first explored each other's loves.

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