an old man sucking and having fun playing with his fat grand mother

The old man licked his lips as he approached his fat grandmother. She wobbled, her huge jiggling body encased in a too small housedress, teasing his eager eyes. He couldn't believe his luck. As he stepped closer, her soft, rosy cheeks melted under his gaze. He savored each moment as his tongue surged onto the old woman's neck, savoring the forbidden sensations before him. His hands held her hips, pushing against the soft curves as he pressed himself closer. He smiled as her flabby body cushioned his movements. It was heaven- the thrill of playing with his grand old mother, succulent and fat like a ripe peach on a summer day. With each passing second of enjoying the tastes and textures of her flabby skin, his pleasure grew. As he ogled at her, prying further and further below the folds of the dress, a strange sense of delighted familiarity overwhelmed him. This must be what true bliss felt like, he thought, as his grandma giggled nervously. He smiled and ran his fingers through her luscious rolls one last time before reluctantly stopping his fun.

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