an older woman getting her hairy pussy fucked by a man

Diana was an older woman who was long past her prime. But despite her age she still had a fire and passion that few men could resist. She loved to show off her curves and her unshaven pussy was a particular source of pride. Every man who looked upon it was transfixed. One day she met a man who was more than happy to take her up on her temptation. He licked and sucked her furry lips, before plunging his hard cock deep inside her. He reveled in the endless pleasure her hairy pussy provided as she clawed, bit and screamed as she felt pleasure engulf her. They came together as he filled her with his throbbing spunk. Afterwards they lay together, sweat drenched and exhausted. Diana had reached the peak of pleasure and the man had found the perfect home for his passion within her hairy pussy.

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