an older woman takes out her big natural breast in a tub

An older woman sat in a bathtub as steam billowed around her. Her pale, unblemished skin and curves were accentuated by the warm, rising water. She grabbed the sides of the tub and lifted her body, her full and natural breasts peaky out of the tub's surface. She cupped and massaged them, relishing in their softness and natural shape. She felt confident and exuberant, revealing herself to the world. Her fingertips ran along her shoulders and chest, her movements sensual and inviting. She peered below the surface of the water, admiring her large and bountiful chest. She pushed her breasts closer together, her nipples perfectly aligned — strong, firm and outstretched. Her domineering energy demanded to be satisfied. She allowed herself to sink further into the warming water, her natural breasts attached to her muscular frame, and satisfied with only the pleasure she felt in her bathtub.

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