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Stacy was 25 and had an adventurous streak so when she decided to sign up for an online course in bondage BDSM she knew it was but the beginning of her new journey. She was excited when she got her first session with the Maitresse, her instructor and teacher. The Maitresse was an older, experienced woman with a strict demeanor and an aura that was both frightening and enthralling. She acted as if she had seen and done it all, which both allured and scared Stacy, making her exhilarated to learn even more. The Maitresse wordlessly directed Stacy through the tasks, tightly binding her wrists and ankles as if they had communicated without speaking. Stacy felt an intimate thrill, a spark when her mature teacher's hands touched her skin. In that moment, she knew she had found her passion in bondage and that the passionate Maitresse would teach her even more.

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