grandson enjoys his mommas hairy pussy with bonging

Jack's grandson was seemingly an unlikely candidate to get aroused by unusual desires. But his obsession with his grandmother's hairy pussy had reached career highs. He knew of the hardship she faced, being a single mother and all, but he also knew of her inner desires, kept hidden from all. One day, as he stepped into her living room, he noticed the aroma of incense and something else. His eyes lit up and he felt his heart racing as he slowly stepped closer to her. He knew what he wanted. His grandmother lay on her bed, her soft and furry mons beckoning him. Beautiful and inviting. He pulled his clothes off and lowered his eager body onto her, savoring every moment of their lovemaking. As they bonged, he penetrated her hairy depths, edging closer and closer to her own climax. He felt a shiver of pleasure run through his body as his arousal peaked, and they both erupted in a powerful orgasm.

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