granny milking huge cock in underwear and black thigh highs

Granny turned on the farm radio and hummed along as she went to work. Picking up the pail, she took a seat on the stool and reached underneath the cow, her hands grazing along the huge cock beneath. Granny slid her old hands along his length, feeling the power in his size, before starting to milk. As the pail slowly filled, Granny closed her eyes and imagined her husband. She was wearing nothing but her underwear and her black thigh highs as he approached her. She quivered in anticipation as he hovered over her, savoring the moment before embracing her with his huge cock, thrusting passionately and making her moan in pleasure. Granny found the rhythm of milking to be a soothing reminder, and soon it had transported her back to that night. His huge cock felt like a wave coursing through her body and she clung to him tightly. She still felt the warmth of his embrace and the thunder of his power with every squeeze of the cow's cock. Granny smiled and let her fantasies take her away, milking in her underwear and black thigh highs.

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