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The door of the grandma's bedroom creaked open, revealing a scene like something out of a dream. She lay on the bed wearing only a g-string, her horny body barely contained. Her eyes opened to find her admirer, and he smiled at her before taking a seat on the bed. He couldn't take his eyes off of her sexy, shaved ass. He leaned in closer and began to lick her asshole, sending her into an ecstasy she hadn't felt in years. His tongue moved around the rim then inside, tasting every inch of her. She gasped with pleasure, feeling the sensations ripple through her body. Morning turned to night and the two lovers were locked in a passionate embrace for hours. He licked her shaven asshole one last time before finally getting up from the bed. She smiled in satisfaction. Although her grandmotherly age, her horny body felt alive again and rejuvenated after his intense tonguing.

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