mature milf with large tits taking off stockings

She looked at herself in the mirror, her mature body and large breasts on full display. She could feel how her skin heated up as her hands grazed the curves and edges of her body. She sauntered to the bed, undressing as she went. She teased the stockings off her legs, taking in her finger her smooth, shapely thighs. Her hands moved up to her chest, and she felt a chill as desire swept over her. She hadn't felt this beautiful, sexy and desired in a long time. She took off her bra and caressed her voluptuous tits, marvelling at the beauty of her large milf breasts. Taking a deep breath she finally removed the last stocking from her leg and felt the air on her cooch. She lay on the bed, fingering her clitoris and imagining the hands of an imaginary lover caressing her all over her matured body. Her milf tits were the centre of attention and she wanted to be touched and caressed all over. She had never felt so aroused and liberated.

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