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She had been married for almost a decade and was considered a mature woman with an immense sexual appetite. She was always on the lookout for new, daring experiences and when she saw her husband's big, hard cock she knew this was the chance she had been waiting for. She eagerly stroked his length as she dropped to her knees. Moving closer, she gently took his head between her lips, grateful for the salty taste that filled her senses. She used experienced tongue movements to drive him wild, and was rewarded with sweet cum. As she had done many time before, she enjoyed the sensation of his cum coating her tongue before swallowing. She trapped his girth between her lips and sucked it dry, the pressure and motion of her jaw making him tremble beneath her. Eventually he moved away, leaving her eager and desperate for more. She looked up from her kneeling position, locking eyes with her husband as her mature, worn lips parted in a lustful grin.

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