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She enjoyed the feel of the sun on her skin as she lay there, basking in its warmth. She was completely nude, her pierced nipples and heavy curves moving with each breath she took. Her pubic hairs were thick and long, and she loved how the sun tickled her hairy pussy as she moved. Her fingers danced seductively around her mons, teasing and teasing until pleasure overwhelmed her. Moans of delight escaped her as she pleasured herself, the sun and wind caressing her from all directions. She cared of nothing but her bliss until her climax came and her body shook with ecstasy. Dazed, she looked up on the sky and the beautiful world around her. She smiled, knowing that she felt freer than ever. Here, in the open air, she was accepting of her age and her body. She relished in her new found freedom and bared it all to the sun and wind, embracing her hairy pussy and everything that came with it.

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