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Helena had always loved naughty lingerie that made her feel like a wildcat and tonight was no different. She roamed around the bedroom slipping out of her stockings and admired the curves of her body in the light of the bedroom. Slowly and teasingly, she ran her hands down her body until they reached her soft and damp pussy. The wisps of pleasure sent jolts through exhaustion and and a flood of heat between her legs as Helena increased the pressure. She thought of the moment when a man would eagerly place his own hands over hers and together they would explore her naughty body and fill her with a need that had been too long in waiting. But right now, the source of pleasure was all her own and the satisfaction she found in stroking her flesh was just as intense. She bought herself close to the edge, each motion more frantic and eager to her find her reward and then, finally, Helena unraveled in pleasure as her orgasm shook her body and filled every inch of her with delight.

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