old hairy woman taking a fat cock and being fucked by two men

An old, hairy woman lounged lazily in her decadent bedroom. Her body moved rhythmically with the dancing shadows that skimmed across the walls, like lightening against the sky. She was eagerly awaiting the two men that would soon fill her room - demanding worship. One of them had a fat cock that she yearned to slide her mouth over and taste. She imagined it pushing inside her and fucking her hard, filling her with pleasure and swelling the desire that already ached within her. She parted her legs in anticipation, ready for them to explore her body. The men soon arrived and their hands explored her body, dragging their tongues over her skin and obsessing over every inch of her curves. The feeling of their hands, the taste of their lips filled her with desire. She opened her mouth and eagerly welcomed the fat cock that filled her throat and sent her into overwhelming pleasure. The men fucked her harder and harder as each one took turns exploring every inch of her old, hairy body with pleasure and intensity. Her cries of pleasure reached deafening decibels, until finally her body was overcome with a sweet climax.

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