old wife fucking in the bathroom

Marlon came home from work one day to find his wife, Lois, in an unexpected position. She was bent over the tub in the bathroom, her white nightgown hiked up and her bottom exposed. Before Marlon could ask what was occurring, she spoke up. "Come here, darling. I want to fuck." Marlon stepped forward, undid his pants, and felt Lois' soft curves pressing against him. He threaded her nightgown up further and approached her from behind. He was mesmerized by the sight of their bare skin melding together, his old wife now writhing in pleasure beneath him. He thrust into her harder and faster, knowing that this same old wife was being pleasured beyond her wildest fantasies. He pulled her up tight against him and kissed her neck as he continued, delighting in her vocalization. Suddenly, Marlon and Lois came to a simultaneous climax, a blissful rush taking over them both. The lovers clung to each other, catching their breath and letting the sensations course through their bodies. They had never felt more alive than when they were fucking in the bathroom.

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