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Serena was an older woman, nearing her mid-sixties. But despite her age, she still felt that same passion for pleasure. She'd acquired a vibrator, white and smooth like marble, that had become her favorite toy. Using it every night, she'd become more and more daring, exploring her body and discovering new thrills. Tonight was especially exciting. She caressed and massaged her inner walls as the device hummed inside of her. The sensation of the buzzing and the pleasure of the penetration sent her over the edge. She imagined a handsome, virile man pushing deeper and deeper, fucking her hard with his white dick. Wrapped up in passion and pleasure, her breathing became heavier and her fingers dug into the mattress. She was blissful, as each thrust embraced her in pleasure. The image of the man lit a fire inside of her, and she felt as if she'd crossed over to another world. Her desire was ravenous, and all she wanted was to feel that unique, white dick railing her all night.

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