older wife getting fucked on a couch

He could hardly contain his enthusiasm when he noticed his wife, lying lazily on the couch. She was dressed in a sheer gown that revealed each of her curves and left little to the imagination. His eyes roamed over her body before he settled himself between her legs. He savoured every touch as he pressed against her soft skin. His movements were gentle yet demanding, and as his wife let out a moan of pleasure he only became more aroused. She wrapped her legs around his waist, inviting him to take her deeper than before. He started to thrust faster and faster, getting lost in the moment as her moans of pleasure grew louder. He felt the pressure grow inside his body as the pleasure increased. This was the ultimate experience for him - to have his gorgeous wife giving herself to him so completely. His body trembled in pleasure as his orgasm hit and he felt himself melt into the couch below. Now that was the perfect way for a night to end!

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