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Gina had been a single mother for longer than she'd like to admit. She had not allowed the challenge to stop her from providing the best for her son. Tonight, Gina desperately wanted satisfaction, and the perfect opportunity presented itself. She had been looking through her son's phone, which he had left out for her to use. What she found was a surprise; a screenshot of a porn photo. It depicted a hot mom and her son fucking. It was a shockingly familiar sight, but Gina felt her face flush with excitement. She decided to make the scene into a reality. Her son was already lying in her bed, naked. Gina stripped down and mounted him. As she felt his hard cock inside of her, she was filled with a burning pleasure like she had never felt before. She let out a moan, thinking of the photo she had seen. Gina felt her son tremble with the pleasure of fucking his own hot mom. She knew the photo was deeply ingrained in his mind, and they were acting out the scene in raw animalistic pleasure. The night ended with Gina content and closer to her son than ever before.

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