sex photo with grandpa and cum

I had always had a strange fascination with my Grandpa. But today, I had found out a hidden secret he had been hiding in the deepest darkest corner of his basement. A box full of naughty secrets and photos, one of which made my heart skip a beat. It was my Grandpa, taken long ago in his prime, just naked wearing nothing but a devilish smile and a very special addition…cum. Though I was confused, I was also aroused. As I continued through the box, I found other photos like it and as I poured over them I realized he wanted to explore this very same idea with me. So, that night, I went to Grandpa and asked for him to recreate the photo with me. He smiled devilishly and accepted. As we posed and photographed, the waves of pleasure from his strong body against mine reached fever pitch. Finally, I was able to capture that same cum-covered grin, bringing my grandpa's naughty secret to life.

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