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The sexy older woman lay there, her ample breasts heaving with heavy breaths. She invited him closer, her sultry gaze inviting him to explore her body. His hand traveled slowly down her shapely curves, and his fingertip connected with the hard peaks of her nipples. A gasp escaped her lips, and he smiled in satisfaction. Her hand roamed downwards, feeling the contours of her own body until she encountered the soft cock between her legs. A moan escaped her lips and she urged him closer, begging him to touch her in all the right places. His fingers encircled her rigid flesh, and a surge of arousal filled her veins. She wondered why she had never pursued a man like this before, someone with the power to bring her body to life. He explored and tantalized her as her breathing grew heavier, her muscles trembling in anticipation. Together they experienced a pleasure unlike anything either had ever felt before. In that moment, she realized that age was merely a number, and beauty could be found at any age.

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