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She lay in bed, her curves inviting him in. Her large breasts and irresistible figure unable to resist his touch. He moved closer and ran his hands along her silhouette, squeezing her breasts gently and causing her to moan with pleasure. She undid the buttons of his pants and pushed his underwear down, taking him in her hands and pleasuring him until the edge of a delicious climax. He thrust deep inside her, his manhood finding her petite frame and filling her with immense pleasure. Her back arched and her eyes closed as his thrusts became more insistent and their pleasure escalated. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she quivered beneath him, his hips driving harder against her as the intensity of her orgasm crashed upon her. The aftershocks of pleasure left her panting and unable to move, her body still humming with the pleasure he had given her. He fingered her sex until she was almost screaming from the pleasure, until she begged him to give her an even bigger release. He jacked his hips in return, the large breasts of hers bouncing with every thrust. Her groans grew louder as the waves of pleasure began to crash, one after the other, until the intensity became too much for them to handle. They both lay still, exhausted but ecstatic in each other's arms.

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