sexy woman in panties and white sneakers getting her ass fucked

She couldn't believe it. Her sexy body was clothed in nothing more than her tight panties and white sneakers, and yet she felt incredibly exposed, exquisitely aroused. She could feel the heat of his gaze all over her body. He moved in, a hand resting on her ass, fingers gripping her flesh possessively. His palms danced over her bare skin as he urged her against him. She shivered in anticipation as his lips found her neck, his kisses searing her skin as his hands moved further down. He moved lower, his tongue tracing circles over her ass. She could feel the heat between her legs growing more intense, her panties wet with desire as he pushed against her. She shivered as he entered her, her muscles welcoming him as he thrust in and out, each movement filling her with a pleasure she'd never felt before. His hands pulled her hips back, deeper into him as he plunged into her until finally – the pleasure exploded. His last thrusts lingering inside her hauntingly as the pleasure washed over her body.

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