this older lady is sitting on a big hairy breast

An older lady sits atop a large, hairy breast. She admires the chesty view as her hands slowly caress the soft bristles of the thick fur. She is entranced by the tingling sensations that course through her body. Her fingers run deep into the fur, and she takes pleasure from the sensation. She rests her hands on the hairy hill beneath. Its softness beckons her closer as she finds comfort in the chest beneath her. She continues to rub her hands over the fibers, exploring this new sensation. Her body begins to heat with pleasure as she buries one hand deep within the fur. Her fingertips massage the breast, gently enticing the body she is atop. The older lady is lost in her exploration. She continues to caress the hairy breast, feeling the warmth fill her body while she swells with pleasure. She rests here until her thoughts calm and the pleasure within her dies away.

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