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The woman in red was trembling in anticipation as her partner guided her onto the bed. He was so strong and dominant and she couldn't help feeling aroused as she felt his hands start to undress her. His touch was electric as he began to caress her softly and soon she was digging her fingers into the sheets, desperate to feel him inside of her. He took his place on top of her and she gasped as she felt his hardened length penetrate her. His thrusts were deep and tortuous and she felt like she was on fire. Suddenly he began to pick up the pace, pushing her further and further until she felt herself begin to tense and then explode into a powerful orgasm that left her breathless. He then moved to her eager lips and started to pleasure her with his eager tongue. His gentle yet powerful caresses sent her arousal to another level as she felt her body start to build to a second climax. She felt herself getting closer and closer as his expert tongue worked its magic and before long she was screaming out his name as she was blown away by another passionate orgasm.

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