wife is fucking on the sofa when her lover returns home

As the door opened, the wife lay stiffly on the couch. She heard her lover's footsteps while they adapted to the possibility of being discovered. Her heart raced as she recalled the moment they had just shared, the gentle touch and pushing of boundaries. As he stepped closer, she felt the warmth of his gaze. Without speaking, his eyes said it all. Moving closer, little by little, she felt his breath on her neck. She let out a barely audible sigh, and he gently ran his hands over her body, gently exploring each curve and delighting in her response. The passionate waves of desire soon washing over them, their movements becoming more eager and urgent as they continued their affair on the sofa. She felt like she had never been anywhere before, he brought her to places she had never been with anyone else. The moans of pleasure echoing off the walls and filling the room, the wife treasured this moment of passion with her lover, and set the boundaries of intimacy further than either of them had imagined.

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